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Why I Created This Website?


What the hell am I doing on this website?

Imagine That Tech was launched in 2016 after many shower thoughts and Black Mirror episodes. Many people are scared about what the future will bring, technologies are changing fast.  This website is the trigger to start thinking about technology and how it will shape our future, negatively and positively. The final goal I want to achieve is giving people a clear look of what they can expect. And that it is not some dystopian story like George Orwell once wrote. As long as we use our heads and look forward, we are okay. Nevertheless, a time machine has (unfortunately) not be invented yet, so it’s pure speculation. But interesting speculation, if you ask me! But how will all of the above translate itself to a blog?

Well, the initial idea behind Imagine That Tech, is that everyone can offer his or her insights on technology and together we will build awesome ideas and concepts about technology and its implementations in our day to day lives, today and in the future.

Someday we will have our own crowd sourced think tank about technology and the impact it has on our lives, today and in the future. Get on people, before you miss the hype!

On a regular basis I will share my thoughts on certain technological developments and hand the mic to you afterwards as I would like to make this a 2-way conversation. Also, every week I will select an awesome startup in the Imagine That Startup series.


Who is this website for?

You regularly surf around on Product Hunt? Your dream is to live in a Mars colony Elon Musk built? You sign up for beta tests and are a sucker for sci-fi Tv shows and films?

If you were saying ‘Hell yeah, that’s me’, you should sign up for my newsletter at the end of this page and share your thoughts with me ASAP!


Who’s behind this website?

I’m Alexander, 24 years old I’m not from another planet, but from that hell hole called Belgium. I just used some app called Prisma to make stuff a little bit more interesting.

I grew up in a family full of “nerds” although I prefer to call them 12 year old boys who don’t want to grow up. This results in awesome conversations during family dinners, trust me!

I am the Video Marketer at Showpad for Europe and America. I’m passionated about new technologies and how they affect our lives. As a result, one question that pops up in my head on a daily basis daily is, “how the hell do we market these disruptive technologies?”. Having great technologies is one thing, but it is another thing to fulfil a need and market this product the right way, if you ask me. So covering great technologies is one thing, but at Imagine That Tech we look further and constantly asking ourselves: ‘Why’?

I’m always in for a good conversation with people who have peculiar visions on things like robotics, automation, AI, VR, etc. You can always sheer me up with a good book, a well-brewed beer and a beta invite to your awesome new project.

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